Buster’s Story

Buster's Story

Buster, a beautiful silver tabby cat, has been a friend of Noble Hound for a few years and he has a very special story.  Buster was found wandering a farm, lost and meowing for human attention.  He was brought to Noble Hound with a multitude of health problems and most likely would not have survived without proper treatment of his ailments.   This meant medicine and eye creams multiple times a day, monitoring, compassionate care, and lots of time!

Although Buster’s caregivers had lots of pet experience, they currently had no pets at home.  The thought of having a cat had not crossed their minds, but being faced with the reality of his situation they decided they had the time and the means to help him back to optimum health.  Slowly but surely, Buster responded well to the treatment Dr. Melissa prescribed for him, and all of the time and effort that was put into his recovery paid off!

Buster is now the absolute star of the household!  His owners picked up on his intelligence and desire for human attention and thought he might do well learning some tricks.  He is now an expert high-five giver (even when treats aren’t around!), and is working on jumping through a hoop.  His funny personality and sassy spirit bring such a huge joy to his owner’s hearts that they just couldn’t imagine life without him.  They are so thankful that they took that big leap of faith with Buster in the beginning.  With Dr. Melissa’s help, they got to save his life and he made theirs exponentially greater in return.  Anyone who has rescued a pet can tell you that!